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Erotic Show & Drink

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What is included?

  • Tickets to an erotic show
  • 2 hour show
  • 1 drink each
  • Multiple shows on stage
  • Stunning girls
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Overview: Erotic Show & Drink

The Ultimate Erotic Entertainment!

Obviously, steamy erotic entertainment and a great stag do go hand in hand… and we havejust the thing for for you! With an erotic show at Europe’s hottest strip club, your stag do in Barcelona is guaranteed to go off with a bang!

The most beautiful women hail from across Europe to perform at this decadent venue, and will absolutely be like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Your group will enjoy an amazing erotic experience, which will see multiple shows taking place across two hours – you’re in it for the long haul! If your stag is feeling man enough, there will also be the chance for him to participate in sexy, unexpected ways…

This show comes complete with a complementary drink to get the party started and calm your nerves!

Quick information

8 Stags
As long as you wish!
Barcelona Central
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