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Decadence, Relaxation and Partying!

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What is included?

  • 2 Nights in central city hostel accommodation
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Bar Crawl Tour
  • Arabic SPA + 15 min Massage
  • Steak Dinner, Stripper & Drinks
  • Ice Bar + Ice Cocktail
  • Guest List Nightclub Entry


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Overview: Decadence, Relaxation and Partying!

This is one for the stag that does everything to the max, whether he is partying, dining or relaxing!

What your package includes:

  • 2 Nights in central city hostel accommodation


  • Airport Transfer – Pickup
  • Bar Crawl Tour


  • Arabic SPA + 15 min Massage
  • Steak Dinner, Stripper & Drinks
  • Ice Bar + Ice Cocktail
  • Guest List Nightclub Entry


  • Airport Transfer – Departure

Accommodation: Premium Hostel

Activities included in this pack

Airport Transfer – Departure

A Smooth Ride for a Smooth Weekend!

When arriving bushy-tailed in Spain, or departing after a heavy stag do in Barcelona, your group won’t want to be putting up with the hassle of public transport!

Our return airport transfers are the perfect solution! Available to groups of at least six people, these transfers are comfortable and get you from A to B with as little hassle as possible!

Additional Information

It’s nice to be welcomed by somebody at the airport – why not ask for more details about our sexy pin-up girl who can greet you with ice-cold beers when you arrive?!

Also, if you’re arriving at an airport outside Barcelona, no problem! Transfers from other airports like Girona and Reus can be organised at an additional cost.


  • A minibus to and from Barcelona airport and your accommodation in Barcelona
  • The option to add a sexy pin-up girl to welcome you when you arrive!
A bottle of beers in a bar on the Barcelona bar crawl.

Private Bar Crawl Tour

See the sights on the amazing Barcelona Bar Crawl!

What stag do in Barcelona would be complete without a tour through some of the city’s most amazing bars?! You and the lads will have a blast hitting the city’s streets and grabbing drinks at the best spots on this Barcelona bar crawl.

The city is home to an unbelievable number of bars, so we have done our research (lots of it, naturally!) and put together the ultimate route for you. Be sure to check out some of our recommendations on nightlife on our blog, too!

A Social Barcelona Bar Crawl

Our local English-speaking guide will take you and the lads to the best spots. They will make sure everything goes perfectly well, filling you up with free shots and getting you great discounts as you make your way through the city. Your final destination will be one of Barcelona’s best nightclubs which you will also get free entry to!



  • Private Barcelona Bar Crawl!
  • Local guide will show you the best bars in Barcelona!
  • Free shots along the way
  • Nightclub Entry

Stag Steak dinner, Stripper, Drinks & Nightclub

The Manliest Stag Do Going!

You and the lads are looking for a manly night on your stag do in Barcelona? You can’t go wrong with this: an incredible steak dinner, stripper, drinks and nightclub entry!

You’ll kick the night off with a welcome drink as you arrive at the centrally located restaurant. A hearty, three-course Spanish meal awaits, which includes a mean cut of steak, and is definitely made all the better by unlimited sangria throughout!

While your stag is chowing down on his meal, he will be totally unaware that a sexy stripper will arrive mid-meal to give him the best part of the meal yet; a super steamy, sexy show from one of Barcelona’s hottest strippers!

Tipsy and with high spirits, you’ll be ready for entry to one of Barcelona’s hottest nightclubs, where you can party until the sun comes up!

Additional Information

You should note that entry to the nightclub is at the discretion of the doorman so enjoy the sangria, but hold something back for the club! You will also need to bring along ID, and dress smart/casual.


  • 3 course Spanish meal with Steak
  • Centrally located restaurant
  • Unlimited Sangria during the meal
  • Striptease show with a Barcelona pin-up!
  • Nightclub Entry



Ice Bar + Ice Cocktail + Nightclub Entry

Cool as Ice!

A great stag do in Barcelona should have standout venues, and it doesn’t get much more remarkable than the Barcelona Ice Bar, the coolest bar in the world!

Suit up with the specialised jacket and gloves that are provided, and head to the bar to grab ice cocktails (in ice glasses, naturally). A great buzz, fantastic DJ’s and spectacular, unique lighting make a chilled atmosphere… The -5º temperature helps, too!

The place is perfect for some crazy photos, and you’ll have access to the terrace when you’re finished in the Ice Bar. From there, you’ll feel a change in temperature as you head to one of Barcelona’s hottest clubs!



  • Entry to the coolest bar in the world!
  • Ice cocktail in an ice glass
  • Gloves
  • Warm Jacket
  • -5º (So cold!)
  • Take as many pictures as you like!
  • Access to terrace after the Ice Bar experience
A dj mixing a track at a nightclub in Barcelona

Guest List Nightclub Entry

Party at One of Barcelona’s Hottest Clubs!

Barcelona is home to some of Europe’shottest clubs. Incredible atmospheres, amazing music and delicious drinks meet the Mediterranean party spirit to make truly unforgettable nights. Ensure your hen do in Barcelona goes by without a hitch with guest list nightclub entry.

There are a lot of options, and to make sure you have one of the best nights ever we have separated the weak from the strong and made a list of Barcelona’s greatest clubs. The nightclubs we have chosen offer the greatest tunes, buzzing atmospheres and best drinks.

We can offer you guest list entry to Barcelona’s hottest clubs.

Additional Information

With this activity, we will get your groups name on the guest list. Bear in mind though that given the popularity of these clubs, there will sometimes even be a wait for the guest list. If this will be a problem for you, get in touch and we can discuss possibilities of adding you to the VIP list for an additional fee. This includes a table and a bottle of your chosen spirit for every five people.

You’re probably also aware of the Spanish party spirit, so maybe set your watches back a little to be in sync! The clubs will start to get busy at around 1am.

Entry requirements are just the same as clubs in the UK, so dress pretty smart/casual and don’t turn up too drunk!

It is important that everyone in your group brings along valid ID with them, regardless of their age!


  • Entry to Barcelona’s best clubs!

Do not arrive late: Please be aware that lines can be long, especially approaching peak season. Please plan your night with this in mind. If you cannot enter by the time on your itinerary, you will be required to pay for entry.

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