A skyline shot of Barcelona, one of the best stag do destinations.

10 Reasons Barcelona Is the Best Stag/Hen Do Destination

So you’ve been put to the task of organising your mate’s stag or hen do – congratulations! Now, you’re probably looking for the best the stag/hen do destination.

Well, let us save you a bit of time because there’s no other city like Barcelona, which checks every box! The city is bursting with things to do and see – all after a quick siesta of course! Here are our top 10 reasons that Barcelona is the best stag/hen do destination.

Given that you’re checking out this post, you’re already on the right track to picking the ultimate stag/hen do destination – Barcelona. Sit back and relax as we run through what makes this the perfect destination for you!

10 reasons Barcelona is the best stag/hen do destination.

1. Sun, Sea & Sand

There’s no way you can come to Barcelona and not pay a visit to its sizzling shoreline… Think sandy beaches, warm waters and sexy swimwear, with prime sunbathing weather lasting right through until September!

The entire city is lined by miles and miles of golden sand, perfect to top up your tan or for a quick game of volleyball with the locals. Those looking for a view should check out one of Barcelona’s many nudist beaches. Come on, don’t be shy!


2. It’s foodie heaven

Spain is home to some of the best gastronomy in the world and Barcelona is right at the centre of its culinary scene. Just imagine: Juicy Jamón Serrano, sweet chorizo, spicy patata bravas, manchego cheeses, tortilla de patatas, Valencian paella and, of course, the copious amounts of seafood fresh from the Med.

Have we got you drooling yet?! Be sure to check out the meal options we can offer for your trip to Barcelona.

Watch out, the Spanish are known to eat late, so stock up at lunch with a Menú del Día (a cheap 3-course meal). They also have a renowned sweet tooth, so be sure to ask for a crema catalana (a Catalan crème brûlée) to polish off your meal or grab a delicious pastry from one of the many bakeries dotted around the city. Barcelona is not home to 23 Michelin stars for nothing.

A shot of a variety of Spanish food dishes from above.

3. It’s a sports playground

You can’t think of Barcelona without thinking of football. The city is home to some of the biggest players in the world such as Messi, Suárez, and Neymar… we could go on. The stadium the team call home, Camp Nou, is also the largest in all of Europe too. A tour around the museum and stadium is a great way to inject some culture into a stag or hen do in Barcelona.

Barcelona isn’t only about football, though. The city hosted the Olympics in 1991, and the stadium currently houses a sports themed park. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in some serious water sports whilst on the coast either: kayaking, wakeboarding or even a cheeky banana boat are available – take your pick. There are literally hundreds of activities, making Barcelona the best stag/hen do destination in our opinion.

A shot of three people paddleboarding on the sea in Barcelona.

4. It’s a multicultural destination

Barcelona is truly an international city, a real melting pot of Catalans, Spaniards and international expats and tourists. That chico/chica at the end of the bar? He or she could as easily be from Australia as Argentina. There’s no cap on the endless different nationalities you’re going to befriend whilst here.

Expect the same with the food, too! For anyone that’s had their fill of tapas, the city has some amazing Asian, Latin, and Middle Eastern eateries.

A shot of Barcelona's various buildings, with a Catalan flag standing out prominently from the shot.

5. It has sizzling sunshine

With on average 310 days of sun a year, so it’s unlikely you’re going to get caught in the rain on your trip. From March onwards the temperature starts soaring and so do the crowds, with the city emerging from its short winter hibernation.

Temperatures reach 25 degrees plus mid summer, perfect for topping up your tan!  Enjoy the sun from one of the city’s many parks or cool down with a fresh dip in the Med.

A shot of people enjoying the sun on the beach in Barcelona.

6. It’s not called Bar-celona for nothing

A good selection of bars is imperative when finding the best stag/hen do destination, and Barcelona offers a diverse and vibrant bar scene, that comes alive during the warmer season. Think a cheeky San Miguel on the terrace or a sangria cocktail on one of the city’s many rooftops.

Also home to a number of breweries, there’s a craft scene for the beer drinkers. You will find that some of the best drinking spots in the city are local hole-in-the-walls, where you can enjoy a couple of pintxos (basically tapas on bread) with your new Catalan amigos.

In terms of drinks, we recommend the local favourite, cava. This is a type of bubbly wine which will give you a nice buzz, or grab a sneaky cerveza from one of the street beer sellers on your way between pubs. Expect a late one when out in Barca’s watering holes, The bars here stay open late (3am close is standard) before you hit the club scene.

The interior of Quimet i Quimet in Poble Sec, showing the wide range of bottles available.

7. It’s a year long party

There’s no bad time of the year to come to Barcelona. This city celebrates every season, and they celebrate well. Don’t be surprised to find yourself amidst a street full of drummers and dancers on any given day of the week. In Barcelona, it’s the local festivals that reign supreme. From the plain weird such as Festa de Sant Medir (Candy Festival) to the beautiful such as Fiesta de Gracia (an outdoor weeklong street festival in the quirky Gracia), your diary will be packed.

Top of your list should be Festival San Joan (23/24 June), peak of the Spanish fiesta-filled calendar, where the beach is the place to be with non-stop fireworks and all night parties. Summer brings not only a weekly barrio (neighbourhood) party but also a host of world class music festivals including Sonar and Primavera Sound, who bring alongside them some top-tier dj’s to the city’s nightclubs.

People clinking their beer glasses together.

8. The nightlife is unforgettable

Barcelona is a truly a city that never sleeps. Seriously, don’t expect to be home before 6am after a proper night out in the Catalan capital! Techno and hip hop lovers should stay around the Gothico area which is chock-full of hot spots.

Those looking for the crowds, need to head down to the beachfront which is lined with some world famous clubs including Pacha and Shoko. Dance until dawn and then cool down on the sand with a street beer. Still up for more? Get in with some of the locals and don’t be surprised to find yourself carrying on the party at a warehouse after-hours.

A shot of people partying inside a nightclub in Barcelona.

9. It’s a feast for the eyes

One of the key things that makes Barcelona the best stag/hen do destination is that Barcelona is not your typical sun destination. You can replace the high rise apartment blocks of many coastal cities with winding alleyways and tree-lined plazas and you’re headed in the right direction. The city is jam packed with architectural gems on every corner. From Gaudí’s famous Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló to Picasso’s wacky wonders, this city is damn gorgeous.

A photograph of the sky taken from inside Gaudí's "La Pedrera".

10. The sexy Spaniards

The people of Barcelona are some of the friendliest and happiest you’ll ever meet. Did we also mention that they’re ridiculously good looking? We dare you not to be taken in by that sexy Spanish accent. The Spanish are also very passionate, from food to football (Seriously, watch a Barca FC game with them), amongst other things.

You will also find that they are incredibly helpful, and will go out of their way to help you out, whether you’re fumbling with Google Maps or struggling to order your café con leche en Espanol.

A shot of two people drinking a beer, taken from behind as they sit and face the ocean.

Now that you have an idea of why this magical metropolis is the best stag/hen do destination for you, don’t get too overwhelmed by all there is to do and see! Sit back, have a cervesa and let us get to work for you: we are the experts when it comes to anything Barcelona and whether that’s getting your hens that VIP experience or living life like a local we are here to help!

You can start to build your weekend over here, or contact us at info@spanishbreak.com. If you would prefer a chat, please feel free to call us on 020 3289 1069.

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