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Stag Do Ideas: Serious Stag Do Inspiration

Finding the perfect way to add something unique to your stag do in Barcelona can be tough. That’s why our party experts are here to inspire you. We have put together our selection of the five best stag do activities – get ready for some seriously sweet ideas!

Your mate’s stag do is a huge event, and it can be tough to try and find those unforgettable activities that match the occasion. Well, here is our list of five of the best stag do activities that will inspire you. These ideas are a little more Barcelona-centric (we just love this place), but they can be applied to any location.

Let’s go guys!

  1. Get Sporty.

The good vibes you get from 20 minutes of exercise can last for up to 12 hours. Getting sporty on your stag do is a great way to build up some energy and get everyone pumped up for the weekend ahead.

You can choose something crazy, too. There are so many options these days when it comes to sporty stag do ideas… encase yourself in bubbles and run about like lunatics (or Yaya Sanogo) and have some fun with bubble football, for example. Or you can opt for the absolute classic, paintballing. 12 hours of good vibes from the exercise; endless good vibes from peppering the stag in paint.

A photo of Dwight from The Office paintballing.
The one mate that is a pure paintballing pro…

Or if you are planning on hosting your stag do in Barcelona, definitely check out our Olympic Stadium Sports activity. This activity brings together a bunch of wacky sports and you get to enjoy them in an olympic stadium. Wonderfully weird, but definitely a massively memorable event.

  1. Go Big with a Full Evening.

When it comes to a stag do, every evening is rich with possibility. Bars, clubs, restaurants, entertainment, boat trips, tours… You just don’t know where it could end up, and it can be tough to please everyone!

A photo of a drunk man laying on the ground surrounded by beer bottles.
A modern (and drunken) take on Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Why not designate one of the guys to be responsible for putting together an ultimate evening that brings all of these parts together? This way you can all kick back and let the night take you, safe in the knowledge that everything is planned out.

An awesome meal, the best bars, some entertainment, transport and a perfect club… The classic stag do ideas all rolled into one.

Or obviously there are some companies like *cough* us *cough* that can help you put those types of nights together too.

  1. Take to the Seas.

As the beer flows and the hangovers intensify, there’s nothing like some refreshing water activities to rehydrate and feel human again.

A photo of a man shooting water into an elephant's mouth directly from a hose pipe.

Regardless of whether you’re by the coast or not, there should be opportunities to splash about and do some sick water activities. Surfing, wake boarding, jet skiing and sailing are all awesome, refreshing stag do ideas. It’s amazing what a day of sunshine and fun water sports can do to reenergise you!

  1. Get Boozy… But Classy

Everyone loves a good drink on their stag do. Why not put a special spin on your partying with some research into the coolest bars in your destination?

A shot of a bar with drinks in focus in the foreground.

There are loads of cool activities you can enjoy, from whiskey tasting to themed bar crawls. One of our favourite activities is our whiskey tasting masterclass, and you can see some of our favourite bars in this blog post.

  1. Get Creative.

There is no end to crazy stag do ideas, so have a cruise around our very own list of activities, or do some research.

Get together with the lads and think about what would make the weekend even more special for your stag, based on his tastes and interests. Another very important thing to consider is your group size. This can really give you an idea of what will and won’t work.

Also, don’t be afraid to dream big! If you have a wacky idea, follow it up and see where it leads you. The best stag do’s are all about creating crazy, unforgettable experiences.

There you have it – our five best stag do ideas. If you have a wild idea that you want to discuss with us, we are game! Just get in touch and let us know.

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